Stephen Rushing talks COVID, kids, and connecting with others

Principal Stephen Rushing — North Star Elementary

Nonverbal students thrive in 39-year teaching veteran’s class

Kelly Wedum teaches a student how to use an app that helps nonverbal students communicate using symbols.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Vickie Morrison.

Social Emotional Learning is a key component in classrooms

The latest news on our current and future bond projects!

Katherine G. Johnson Elementary School

Bonds are for building, levies are for learning

Bethel’s Educational Programs & Operations Levy is up for renewal in 2022

Bonds are for building, while levies are for learning.

New team to support social, emotional well-being of students

From left to right: Todd King (Assistant Director Behavioral Health/Elementary), Jodi GreyEyes (Assistant Director, Behavioral Health/Secondary), Elissa Dornan (Director of Behavioral Health and MTSS), and Superintendent Tom Seigel

Latest info on 5 major bond projects…and more!

Challenger High School Phase II construction is underway

Thank you, voters!

Bethel Schools

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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