Big changes coming to CTE classes

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Students taking the Careers in Education program in high school are guaranteed an interview with the district after they earn their teaching certificate.

This fall, big changes are coming to Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes across the district!

The following classes will now be offered at all of our comprehensive high schools:

  • Biomedical Sciences

We also have several brand new offerings, including:

  • American Sign Language at Bethel High School

Career and Technical Education programs are an important part of the high school programming in our district. The opportunity to participate in CTE programs can spark student interest for a future career. Whether that career requires a university or college degree or other post-secondary education, students are prepared in a hands-on educational environment that simulates the workplace.

Over the years, Bethel has been developing increased CTE opportunities for secondary students. Programs are selected based on:

  • Job market demand

Our middle school CTE programming gives our 7th and 8th-grade students STEM-focused learning. Our high school students can use their CTE credits in a variety of ways to complete their graduation requirements. High school students can even earn dual credits in many courses through several post-secondary institutions.

Students can also earn industry certifications in class. This year 617 students earned their Food Handlers License, and 55 JROTC students earned their E2 rank, while 32 earned their E3.

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This past year, several new programs kicked off, including Careers in Education at all three comprehensive high schools. These “Students today, teachers tomorrow” are guaranteed an interview with our district after they complete their teaching degree. Seventeen of the them have already passed their ParaPro exam, three of them with perfect scores!

Another new program this year was Unmanned Aerial Systems at Spanaway Lake High School. This year 88 students took part in that class, and this fall the class will continue under a new name: Drone Piloting (UAS).

Click here to see the full presentation about our CTE program from the June 11 School Board meeting.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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