Community Health Care clinic set to open at Bethel Middle School

The 1,664 square foot Community Health Care Clinic was formerly a classroom at Bethel Middle School.

he Community Health Care clinic has moved from its temporary location at the Bethel Learning Center to its new location at Bethel Middle School.

The new clinic is nearly twice the size of the temporary set up. Officials said that means more students will soon be able to access services.

A “before” photo of the new clinic at BMS.

“There are 3,500 potential patients just in your schools alone,” said Debbie Jacobson, Community Health Care’s Assistant Director of Operations, referring to the populations of Bethel Middle, Bethel High, and Shining Mountain Elementary.

The School Board recently toured the 1,664-square foot clinic, which used to be an old classroom at Bethel Middle School.

The clinic features:

  • 2 Exam rooms
  • 2 Dental chairs
  • 2 Behavioral health offices
  • Medication room
  • Laboratory
  • Sterilization room
  • Reception area
  • Provider office
  • ADA restroom

“Our staff is really resourceful in small spaces,” said Jacobson.

The clinic also features a separate entrance from the school itself, as security and privacy were at the forefront of planning and design.

“This isn’t a money maker for us by any stretch,” said Jacobson. “It is a passion.”

It was a passion of the school board as well, Director Brenda Rogers said. Director John Manning agreed.

“This was a desire to serve our community,” he said. “You guys really care, and we appreciate that.”

The new clinic is scheduled to open in October.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.