Fighting for our families

The Bethel School Board and Community Health Care both share a dream — to increase access to health services for students in our district.


“It’s exciting to know there’s a group of people as excited as we are to get this done.”

— Marcus Young, School Board Vice President

They recently submitted proposals to the Washington State House and Senate for two potential projects:

  1. A behavioral health center in Spanaway near Sprinker Recreation Center. This site was selected meet the primary care and behavioral health needs of the children in the Bethel and Franklin Pierce School Districts as well as the broader community.
  2. A dental and medical clinic next to the Bethel Learning Center. This clinic would provide access to dental and medical services for the 3,500 students attending Shining Mountain Elementary, Bethel Middle and Bethel High, which are located directly across the street.

Both of these facilities would benefit our under-served portion of Pierce County.

Originally the idea of locating Community Health Care services within one of our schools was looked at, but in a district where overcrowding is pushing our buildings to their limits, and educational space is at a premium, the ideas thus far haven’t panned out.

Community Health Care continues to visit our schools on a regular basis, as we are home to some of the 85 schools that CHC serves with their Dental Sealant Program.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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