It’s March Math Madness at Naches Trail Elementary

While most of the country is busy watching the NCAA college basketball tournament, students at Naches Trail Elementary are in the thick of their very own March Madness competition.

The third and fourth graders in Allison Horak and Mary Kolowinski’s Endeavor classes have already beaten out millions of students at thousands of schools around the country to advance to the championship round of Imagine Math’s March Math Madness tournament.

Schools earn points by completing math lessons during a specific period of time.

Naches Trail is currently battling it out with Florida’s Renaissance Charter Schools at Pines Middle School for the title of 2019 March Math Madness Champion. The final round began Monday at 7 a.m. and will end Friday at midnight.

The tournament is all in good fun, but that doesn’t mean students aren’t taking it seriously. Since Monday, one student in Horak’s class has completed a staggering 235 lessons and another already has 140.

The kids are working hard to win the competition, but they also have some added incentives.

Students earn a glass bead for every 25 lessons they pass.

“They can work at home, in class or on the go,” said Horak. “They can earn Think Points when completing lessons and use those points to buy clothes and items for their avatars. The points can also be used to donate money to certain charities like American Red Cross, Wounded Warriors, or the American Cancer Society.”

The winning School, which will be announced April 1, will be presented the March Math Madness Trophy, along with a school banner, commemorative certificates, and various classroom prizes.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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