It’s more than just a gut feeling

Educators get new “panoramic” view of students

“Now more than ever, in our remote learning setting, we want to find out how students are doing so we can support them,” said Chad Honig, Executive Director of Secondary Schools.

OSPI’s District Planning Guide requires that all districts implement a universal screening tool that includes social emotional learning.

Assessing a student’s academic success is one thing. But assessing their social-emotional wellbeing, especially in the current remote learning environment, requires more than just a “gut feeling” by educators.

Panorama is a new screening tool that the district is using to collect and assess that social emotional data. It allows educators to “see” each individual student through student surveys that are taken throughout the year.

Building-based teams can then take that data and work towards next steps to ensure we are “moving the needle” for our students.

“This is why it’s so important that we have great educators monitoring this,” said Kelley Boynton, Executive Director of Elementary Schools.

While Panorama is the screening tool, they partner with curriculum providers, like Second Step, which allows them to recommend lessons for our teachers to use.

The district adopted the Second Step curriculum back in 2019 for our K-8 students. Since then, we have been spotlighted for the great work our educators are doing with it.

“We’ve been recognized by Second Step as a ‘best practice model’ for the curriculum,” said Boynton.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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