No frills: Bethel budget puts money in the classroom

96% of the district’s annual budget supports our classrooms

Bethel’s 2019/20 budget continues to demonstrate our commitment to educational excellence for all students.

A total of 96% (74.1% directly and 21.9% indirectly) of our annual budget supports our classrooms.

The district’s General Fund Budget of $316.8 million covers the school district’s annual operating costs. It provides support to approximately 20,000 students, which are served by more than 2,200 staff.

The majority of the district’s budget goes to direct classroom support. This funds our teachers, principals, nurses, office staff, athletics, programs, activities, supplies and more.

Funds Transportation, Child Nutrition, Custodians, General Maintenance, School Resource Officers (SROs), Technology, Curriculum and more.

Funds Insurance, Risk Management, Human Resources, Business Office, Superintendent’s Office, School Board Expenses, and Public Relations.

Additional Funding

Provides for planned major projects to existing buildings throughout the district. This fund can be used for buying land or existing facilities, constructing buildings, purchasing equipment, and making other capital improvements. Under certain conditions, improvements to buildings and/or grounds, remodeling of buildings, and the replacement of roofs, carpets, and service systems may be included in the CPF. The technology levy is also a part of this fund. This levy enhances the district’s instructional program by providing computers, or similar devices, for individual students use.

Provides for the purchase and major repair of student buses.

Pays for the principal and interest on voter-approved bonds.

Supports student-authorized extracurricular events.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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