Task Force explores multi-track, year-round school calendar

An example of a multi-track, year-round school calendar from Washoe County School District in Nevada.

The Long Range Facilities Task Force met again this week to continue planning for alternate options if the November School Construction Bond does not pass.

Year-round, multi-track schools and “double shifting” were discussed at length, along with the pros and cons of distance learning, and using the Bethel Learning Center or local colleges for classroom space.

As part of their research on alternative school schedules, the Task Force watched a video (left) about what a multi-track, year-round school schedule looks like in the Washoe County School District in Nevada. That district was forced to implement year-round school to “relieve severe overcrowding.”

The Task Force worked to define their concerns about the alternative schedules and will conduct interviews with other districts that are currently using, or have implemented the schedules in the past.

This was just the beginning of the discussions on multi-track, year-round schools and double shifting. Both will be discussed at every Task Force meeting going forward. Other topics scheduled for discussion at future meetings include:

October 25

• Change middle school to elementary school

• Partner with adjacent school district

• Use parts of middle schools for elementary

• Turn all elementary schools into K-8

November 15

• Turn all middle schools into grades 5–8 or 4–8

• Repurpose commercial site

• Close Elk Plain School of Choice and change to elementary

• Double Shifting option: A&B days

The Task Force will meet again next week, and then will reconvene after the election. Even if the November bond passes, the Task Force will continue their work, as the need is urgent and a school will take about three years to design, permit and build.

You are welcome to follow their work at bethelsd.org/TaskForce.

Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District.

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